How to keep your hair healthy

Healthy hairAs you can probably tell-I’m especially fond of playing with color. The result is a lot of clients ask me how they can strengthen their hair but still enjoy a good dye job (hey-nature can’t take all the credit right?)

There are a couple of thing to keep in mind. First of all, mind how much you wash your hair. Your scalp will create natural oils to strengthen your hair-just don’t let it get to the nasty oily stage.

Next you can add a protein rich treatment to your hair (as often as you like) and leave it on for a few minutes in the shower. Keep in mind that hair is protein so adding to it is just a good thing. My friends have used Redken CAT treatments, though I know there are a lot of other quality products out there.

Also: CONDITION, CONDITION, CONDITION. A lot of people pass up conditioning treatments when they visit a salon. However these are not terribly expensive and the result is shining beautiful hair.


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