High-Fashion= Hi- Fusion

As most of you know, I am going through my “Red Phase” right now.

With that being said, I have used pretty much every red hair color that I could get my hands on.

The more time passes, the more intense my color gets, and I can keep it rich, bright, and intense with Redken Hi-Fusions, which is a pure-tone line from Redken that comes in different tones. (RED, RED/violet, VIOLET/red, and RED/copper).

They can be used as either as an amplifier to boost the tonal intensity of COLOR FUSION permanent color, or alone to create vibrant color highlights on dark bases of hair, both natural or color-treated with no pre-lightening.

I started with an all over red. I mixed Redken Fusions 5R with Redken Hi-Fusions 1/4 oz RED/violet and 30 volume hydrogen peroxide developer, base-to-ends.

…of course, it makes it look like you walked off the set of CSI:

after 45 minutes maximum, intense red:

But thats nothing compared to my red future.

I then was very inspired by CHI® Infra High Lift Reds Collection:

…and had to have it.

Therefore, I foiled out six back to back slices along my part and two back to back slices in front of my ears, with Redken Hi-Fusions RED with 30 volume.

I also colored the rest of my hair with Redken Shades EQ, a level 5 red violet and a level 3 red violet, for contrast with amongst my bright red panels.

The finished result:


…and still, I continued.

A month later i put heavy heavy highlights in with Redken Hi-Fusions RED/violet and 30 volume all over my head, along with two back to back slices of Redken Hi-Fusions RED.

Photobucket Photobucket

So basically, I am in love with Redken’s Hi-Fusions,and I reccommend it 100% if you are looking for an intense, high-fashion red. And please, don’t do this at home!

*I would also like to add*

This blog makes me look like I am addicted to haircolor (who isn’t?), but I would like to admit that I was looking for my perfect red, and I am finally satisfied.

*I would also like to add*

I reconstruct my hair everytime I do my hair, and 3 times a week inbetween. I use Redken’s CAT Treatment everytime I wash my hair, along with the the Extreme Conditioner, too. Bi-Weekly, and after every color, I do a Personalized Redken Chemistry System, to not only put the protein back in, but to make my hair silky and soft, and to make my color last. DO NOT color your hair this often without reconstructing!!!!!!

…So whats next?!


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