A new look for a new student

At Michigan College of Beauty we have personal services on the clinic floor from time to time.

A student that was new to the clinic floor approached my instructors and showed them a few pictures of the cut she wanted.

My instructors pulled me from my receptionist duties for the day to give Lisa her makeover. She wanted the oh-so-trendy Posh Bob with a twist.

Lisa came to me with long hair that had old grown-out highlights.

Here is her before picture:

As you can see, she has a nice oval face, which is the ideal face shape for any hairstyle. She virtually could pull off any hairstyle. Although her hairline is very far back, about two inches further back than my own. She wore a plain, center part that was showing off her hairline and that was not working well for her.

I cut it wet, chopping off a ponytail of 6-8 inches, and then cutting the shape of the diagonal forward, and stacking the back with pivitol partings.

Then, I airformed her hair,so I could really see the shape. Then, I cut more layers in the front and back, and texturized her thick hair with my texture shears, feathering and taking bulk out of the entire cut.

I also gave her a heavy side part and a side bang to bring her hairline forward, which really made the whole cut come together well.

Lisa’s cut:

Photobucket Photobucket

She adored it! We then ran out of time and I suggested to her to come back for highlights later in the week since I had cut off a lot of her old highlights that were so grown out.

Two days later she did. I used Redken’s 5-15 bleach to retouch her highlights, and add more. I also gave her lowlights, upon request, using Redken Shades EQ, a level 5.

Her pattern was a 1/4″ sliced bricklayed back, diagonal back sides, and a heavy triangle on top. I sliced a highlight and a lowlight back to back.

I also toned her highlights with Redken Shades EQ, a level 9 blonde. The end result was a fabulous, dimensional blonde that wasn’t as overprocessed as what she had before.

Lisa’s color:

Photobucket Photobucket

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