A little PSA

As I am sitting here, pondering a topic to blog about, I scratch my head.

Then, I realize that I have hair color on my head, because I am making my red more vibrant (as I have to every three weeks)

When I scratched my head, I got color on my finger, and then it hit me! My blog topic for the day!

Ready for the topic? DON’T DO YOUR OWN HAIR.

I was walking around the mall today, searching for some fabulous new salon clothes and shoes, when I decided to take a break and look in the style section of Border’s Bookstore. There was a book on the shelf called “How to cut your own hair (and other people’s hair too!)”. I giggled to myself and sat down to read it, and pretty much got mad at the book itself. It even included a special section on “quick layers”, aka putting your hair into a ponytail, chopping, and voila! (nope, sorry!)

Now please, you may want to do your own box color at home for root touch ups (thats why they make them, right?) and maybe even trim up your bangs when they get too long… but please do not ever do your own haircut at home or try and go lighter at home. It will never work. ESPECIALLY do not play with bleach yourself.

We have all had our own home hair mishaps. I remember when I was 17, I decided that I was going to go from dark brown to blonde. I went to WalMart, grabbed a $2 blonde haircolor box, and poured it all over my head. Needless to say, my roots were flourescent yellow and my ends were burnt orange. I then proceeded back to WalMart to buy a $2 box color of black, to cover up the mess.

That tops my list, along with the bangs haircut I gave to myself when I was 4 years old. I decided I no longer wanted bangs, and cut them all off, leaving about an inch of hair left.

I have also seen multiple ladies come into the salon with a home hair mishap. And color correction can be very, very expensive, and is usually charged by the hour and product.

So…Just don’t do it. That’s why we are professionals. We are here to help, and we love doing it for you! Even if you turn flourescent yellow at 4am, just call me, I’ll fix it for you. Promise.

Some rules and tips you should know (and I want to scare you!):

1. Your hair color will not look like it does on that box

2. If you bleach your own hair, you will either:
(a) Under process it and it will be orange, or
(b) Over process it and it will be white, or
(c) Overlap bleach and cause breakage, or
(d) Miss a ton of spots

3. You cannot cut perfect layers by pulling your hair into a ponytail and chopping the ponytail off. Yes, they will be layers, but they will be choppy and uneven. Remember, the haircut is the foundation to everything.

4. Hair color cannot lift hair color. (Which means putting a lighter colored hair dye over previously dyed darker hair) Color CANNOT eat away at the other dark color. You must use either bleach or color remover.

5. You make think you are safe putting a darker color over a lighter color hair, but the process really involves a special formula in which we color it twice with two different colors. Otherwise, your hair might be green after a few days. EEk!

6. Bang trims range from 0-10 dollars at a salon. Just walk into a salon, it only takes 5 minutes, and it is worth it. Don’t do them yourself becuase if bangs get too short, there is nothing you can do about them!


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