My dirty little secret

As a stylist that my clients, friends, and family know well and trust, I get a lot of questions. One of the most popular? …”How often am I supposed to wash my hair?” Well here is your answer ladies…

Of course, it depends on the hair type. Usually, women with fine hair cannot get away with going every two days. On the other hand, some women can go a week without even looking oily.

In my professional opinion, every woman should go at least every other day, if not go two days without washing their hair. Here are my reasonings:

When you shampoo every day, the natural oils that your hair needs/produces are stripped away before they get to do their job. Oils start on the scalp and travel down the shaft. The oils that come from the scalp are a great benefit to the health of your hair so don’t cleanse them away until necessary!!

The best treatment you can give yourself is not purchased off the shelf, you already own it!

Also, if you have color treated hair, the more you shampoo it, the faster your color will fade. I use Redken’s Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner every 2-3 days on my hair.

Another good reason? Hair styles better when oily. I’m sure you know this from if you have ever went into the salon for an updo. They always say to come in with day-old hair. The natural oils that have penetrated the shaft now make the hair easier to work with. So for any special occasion, or even if you want to just look good in a photo, go with day old hair!!

If you are one of the unlucky ones with thin hair that greases up easily, go with a more mild shampoo and conditioner, and try not to use much product.

…Another strategy for going dirty? Backcomb your hair and put it up in a cute style, or back with a headband. No one will ever notice =)

…Like this:
…No one would ever know that it was 3 day old hair!

…And that is my dirty little secret!


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