The Pixie… a 2009 Trend

2007 and 2008’s biggest hair trend was the “Pob”, better known as the “Posh Bob” or the “Diagonal Forward/stacked in the back” cut that I do day in and day out, still!!

I’m here to tell you that in 2009, all of you will be cutting your Pobs off and you will all be going Pixie!! And if not all the way pixie, then a pixie with long bangs! (I did!!)

Just look at some of my girls and their rockin’ hair, in some sort of form of the Pixie!!

Victoria Beckham, of course:
Victoria Beckham


Katie Holmes:
Katie Holmes

Natalie Imbruglia:

Elisha Cuthbert:

Selma Blair:

…and Some more Examples:

…and Me, of course:

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