Nancy goes darker

Nancy came to me with four different tones in her hair.

She had level 1 black roots that were 2 inches long, a grown out base color of a level 7 brown, and two different blonde shades in her hair.

Nancy before:

Photobucket Photobucket

She told me she wanted to either go all black, or all red. We compromised and did black with chunky red highlights. I knew from my own experience that red fades really really fast, and I told her she would have to come see me about every 3-4 weeks at least for a retouch/gloss. However, the black (her natural color) will grow out perfectly, and her red can be re-toned when it needs to, and retouched every 6 weeks.

I started by foiling out random chunky pieces using Redken’s Up to 7 bleach and filling in her highlights with Redken Shades EQ. We then rinsed her out, and refoiled the bleached pieces with Redken’s Hi-Fusions Red and Red Copper and covered her filled in highlights with Redken’s Gels.

It was a dramatic change, but she loved it! It is fun and funky!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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