I’m going daily

I found myself looking at my computer photos, old and new, and came across my folder of inspirational hair pictures. I had a collection of over 300 photos! I had found them everywhere: magazines, google searches, myspaces, hair websites, photography websites…

So I decided to share some daily with you. Enjoy!


I’m not sure where I found this picture, or who it is of. I just know that it caught my attention. Of course, a lot of women would never wear this hairstyle or haircut, but look how amazing it looks. The dimensional color with the black and the blue is amazing.

The model’s face is so flawless and pale that the hair almost looks classic. The cut is so nice and textured and airy looking that I know it would fall perfectly, whether blowdried or airdried. I would probably dry it with my fingers, put a little wax in it, and go.

This color is almost as extreme as my crazy red. Maybe this is what I’ll do next! šŸ˜‰


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