Brightening up her hair for spring

This is the third time I’ve done Kristen’s hair since New Years Eve! She is such a fun girl who updates her hair as often as she updates her facebook! (Which is one reason why I love her!!)


First, she added caramel highlights to her medium brown hair.

Then, she darkened her brown, took out her highlights, and put some coppery red in her hair.

This time, she wanted to keep the red and the dark brown, but add a few more blondes in there, too.

We also planned in the future to add more and more blonde as the weather gets warmer.

(Don’t worry, we re-construct her hair everytime we color it! Kristen’s hair is extremely healthy! We use Redken CAT Treatments, Redken Chemistry Systems, and she uses Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner.

I foiled up some highlights using Redken’s Up To 7 bleach, with 20 volume and 30 volume. I toned the darker blonde with Redken Shades EQ’s Cedar and Cafe Au Lait.

This is Kristen’s final color result, which she loved!!


Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

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