I’m a fan and I’ll admit it

Ok ok ok…

High School Musical 3 came out on DVD today and now that I’ve watched it (for the 5th time since it came to theaters) I’m writing a blog dedicated to the hair (real and fake) of the two main actresses, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale.

These ladies both love extensions. If you follow celebrity gossip as much as I do (its a job, really!) then you will notice the length difference in their hair constantly. And ladies– there is nothing wrong with adding some tracks! (I do it weekly) It is a GREAT way to add volume, length, and color to your locks.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Here are five different looks for the 23 year old starlette.

The first is a very long, blonde look of which her character, Sharpay, is known for. In it are three different colors: a very high lifted blonde, and two lowlights, level 8 and 7 blonde, most likely extension pieces.

The next is a fun, dramatic look. As you can see, she went a lot darker to a level 6 and 7, light brunette/dark blonde, and even has another darker brown tone underneath her hair. Also most likely extensions, especially with how often she changes her hair. (Like I said, if you want to add color, extensions are the easy way–less damaging!)

The next is a long, dark brown look that Ashley worse earlier in the fall of 2008. I’ve read from multiple sources that this is Ashley’s natural color. I think she pulls off the natural and the blonde nicely, and her skintone never really gives away her natural color, only her roots. This hair is also most likely extensions.

The next is a nice medium blonde look with highlights, lowlights, and extensions. It is also a more ashy color, as opposed to the golden and white blondes she has previously worn, and I think it is one of her best blondes, and one that a lot of people might not be able to get away with.

The last is Ashley Au Natural, or so I was told in the picture caption. Her hair was tinted back to her natural dark (although you can still see some old highlights peeking through) and her extensions are not in. Not my favorite look, but it is so nice to see celebrities hair take a break for a while sometimes.

Which is your favorite Ashley look?


Photobucket Photobucket

Vanessa’s hair has always been dark and curly. This right here is my dream hair. In fact, after seeing High School Musical 3, I went right to my favorite wig shop and bought a long, level 2 colored wig to wear for fun. (Level 2 is one step away from black– it is still brown, and can still be cool, neutral, or warm.)

It is alot harder for me to tell the real hair from the fake in Vanessa’s hair. In the second picture, I can see lighter caramel highlights, but they don’t start until about shoulder length, which leads me to believe there are extensions starting in her nape (Thats all the hair extensions you need when you have long hair and you don’t need to add much length.)

The third picture is Vanessa’s simple-chic updo that she wore for her HSM2 premire. I had a client bring in this picture once for her Homecoming Dance. I found it very fun and funky, yet simple and easy.

The 4th picture is her hair when it is flat-ironed, which is probably tricky for the naturally curly haired Vanessa. It looks very trained, and silky, due to great products for this exact look.

These four looks always look great on Vanessa, which is probably why I admire her hair so much. I also have a dark natural color and an olive skin tone, so I like to think that I can have this hair if I actually grow mine out…

Which is your favorite Vanessa Hudgens look?

As for styling…
These girls either wear their hair with loose curls (worn naturally, or easily done with either rollers or a flat iron) or pin straight (which is done with a ceramic flat iron and good product (both girls have naturally curly hair, so flat-ironing is time consuming and damaging).


One thought on “I’m a fan and I’ll admit it

  1. I like the second Ashley Tisdale on the top, and the first one (dark) on the bottom! And I love your openness to admitting your love for high school musical! You should post a picture in your dark curly Vanessa wig! Love the website

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