More Inspiration–Updo’s

There is nothing I love more than beautiful hair for a night on the town.

For a special event, there are two types of look hair-wise: Glamorous-Evening and Simple-Chic. Thats what I am going to call them.

Here are a few looks from “Simple- Chic”:

This look is a nice, loose, simple looking updo that does not look too overdone, yet we all know that it took some time and some skill and craft. The model’s earrings are going to get the first glimpse since they are flashy, so it is good that the simple updo does not make the whole look too overdone.

This look is yet another simple, chic look for an evening out. It is nicely pulled back and does not look overdone. Something nice and natural. It is also perfect for the dress she is wearing. The fabric around the sleeves and neckline is dramatic, so the hair should not be.

These looks are great when your dress or your accessories are flashy. You never want to mix flashy hair with a flashy dress.

Also, these are great bridal looks. It is my personal rule that a bride should look as natural as possible on her wedding day. If she wants her hair pulled back, that is perfectly fine, but simple-chic is the way I would do it, adding the perfect veil, of course.


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