Growing out your pixie cut

New pictures of Victoria Beckham have surfaced, and she is growing out her pixie cut! (And we are all waiting to see what new tres chic look she is going to come up with next!)

It seems like everyone has been running to the salon to get a look identicial to the posh mom for the past few years.

Beckham with her short pixie cut:

Beckham last week, growing out her locks again:

I, myself, have been dreading the day when I start growing out my pixie, too. Unfortunatley, sometimes your hair gets to the point when it does not want to lay correctly, no matter how you style it, because of its “akward” stage. I’ve been through this with my “posh bob” and now with my pixie.

The best advice I can give with short hair is to get a trim every four weeks, even if you are trying to grow it out. Your hair will grow faster and be healthier when you trim it up regularly, and it will act like it, too.

Also, when your hair gets to the akward stage of the growing out, you can get creative with headbands, bows, hair extensions, bobby pins, and even wigs!

…Just have fun, you know Victoria Beckham is!!


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