A quickie about professional products

The age old drama in the hair industry…

Drugstore products vs. Salon products.

I am not going to go too far into a debate tonight (mainly becuase I really want to finish reading my Twilight book!) but I was really motivated after going to a Goldwell hair class in Clawson today. Not only did I learn some amazing new techniques to use on people like you, but I also learned a lot more about products.

In our business, we really aren’t too competitive with different brands of professional products. We are most competitive with the off-brands that other companies sell in the drugstores for 1/4 of the price that do 1/4 of the amazing things that a professional product will do for you.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a reason why we we sell products in our salon, and it is not for profit!!

Professional products are sold to our clients so that they can take care of their hair just as well as we would in the salon. If our clients care for their hair as we would, their hair will look more and more beautiful everytime they come, be more and more healthy, thus providing amazing color and cut and styling results the next time they come in.

You cannot have beautiful color, an amazing cut, or shiny hair without taking care of it properly.

…And you cannot take care of it properly with drugstore brand products.

We sell the correct shampoo for their hair type. Do you know how many types shampoos and conditioners there are on the market? Most importantly, do you know which one is right for you? Well your stylist does.

…And don’t think that your Suave will give the same results. They may have the some of the same ingredients, but the $2 bottle of Suave vs the $12 bottle of Redken is just that. Worth the extra nine dollars. The #1 ingredient in these products is water. Good old H20. But your Suave will have 70% water and 30% proteins, while the Redken will have 30% water and 70% proteins. See the difference?

Also, our styling products and take-home reconstructs are so that you can acheive the look that we have to you that day. Have you ever gone home, tried to recreate that salon look and couldnt? Well, you probably didn’t use that mousse, or that brush, or that gel, or that spray wax that we suggested.

You say you can’t afford to buy it?
…I think that you can’t afford NOT to buy it.

Really, if a shampoo is $15. What would you rather spend it on?
-A pizza?
-One shoe?
-A cheap t-shirt?
-2 drinks?
-a half tank of gas?

All of these don’t last… but the hair product will. It takes a good two months or so to get through a bottle of shampoo, maybe even three. And you hair will look and feel better in the end.

And here’s another question:
You may want to get a hair product for $2 instead of $12 but would you trust someone if they were going to charge you a cheap $12.50 for highlights instead of a standard $75? Or charge $5 for a haircut instead of a regular $30? There is just something there about quality that you may want to question.

And hey, hair is the first thing people notice.
Why not make it gorgeous?


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