Product diversion!!

Continuing from my blog the other night…

Here is another MUST KNOW.

The “professional products” you see on the shelves at your local drugstore or grocery store… you know the shelves… the ones that you look at, read the back of the bottle, consider buying it, then look at the price… yeah, those shelves.

Well, let me tell you something. Those products have been ripped off and stolen. They are severely outdated, diluted, contaminated, or counterfeit. It is a huge scheme in our industry, and we call is product diversion.

Professional haircare companies such as Loreal Professional, Redken, Matrix (including Biolage), Mizani, Pureology, Shu Uemura, and Kerastase, are all against this and will NEVER make their products public. SO basically, if you see these products on the shelves anywhere but a salon– it’s a fake. Don’t buy it. For the sake and health of your hair!!

Here’s the thing. These schemers buy our products from our salons. In bulk. What we don’t know is these guys will take it, dilute it a lot, contaminate it, and distribute it in counterfeit bottles. Then, they let is SIT THERE in dusty boxes for who knows how many YEARS before it actually goes on the shelves.

In the video below, professionals went undercover and not only bought the items, but tested them and researched them.

1. They bought items for MORE than they would have paid in the salon. WHAT?! You thought you were getting a deal!! Are you shocked yet?

2. They researched the products– and some were DISCONTINUED 4 years ago!! Have you ever seen 4 year old shampoo? And you are going to wash your hair with that?! Eewwww

3. Some products were actually contaminated… with who knows what! Gross. You let that run through your hair and then down your body. Ick.

4. Some of the bottles weren’t even the same. A lot of Redken bottles have the same shape. When I was in Meijer the other day, doing my own investigating, the bottle didn’t even look the same!!!

Here’s an example of the popular Kérastase Bain Miroir. The picture below shows the differences on the bottle. The investigators found that not only was the bottle countefeit, but the product was too… filled with cheap detergent.


1. You are paying $32.49 for a counterfeit bottle of luxury shampoo that is full of undocumented ingredients. You could have bought the real product for .50 less at your local salon with a guarantee for the product and furthermore, had beautiful hair.

2. This is a fake product sold outside of a Kerastase salon or from which exemplifies how these unauthorized retailers do not have final control over the products they place on their shelves putting their customers at risk.

3. This counterfeit Kérastase contains chemicals and ingredients that are not part of the Kérastase approved formula. Do you really want that to touch your head?

**Found on** The blog made to inform the world.

On the back of our professional products, they will say something along the lines of, “Exclusive Salon Distribution Only”, or “For Sale Only By Professionals”. I’m sorry but since when does your local grocery store count as a professional salon retailer?

I know some of you will buy counterfeit purses. Hey, we all know we can’t afford a $1,500 Chanel Bag. So we buy the $30 version with the messed up C’s that will surely break in 6 months. But that purse only holds your stuff and you carry it on your side. Counterfeit salon products actually go on your head, and run down your body. Gross. And you actually CAN afford it. It’s not that much of a price difference than say, the counterfeit Chanel bag and the real one.

So basically, if you want to learn more, watch this youtube video. Contact product diversion hotlines if you have been a victim of this scheme. And just buy salon products. You trust us with cutting and coloring your hair. So trust us now. We know what is best for you, and your hair.

If you have a customer service inquiry regarding one of our Professional Products brands, please contact our highly trained team of customer service professionals listed below:

Redken: 1-800-503-3997
Artec: 1-800-345-5012
Kérastase: 1-877-748-8357 (Option 1)
Logics: 1-800-3-LOGICS
L’Oréal Professionnel: 1-800-345-5012
Matrix: 1-888-777-6396
Mizani: 1-877-726-3624
PureOlogy: 1-800-423-5369
Shu Uemura Art of Hair: 1-866-914-8750

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