A Taylor Momsen post

I absolutley ADORE Jenny Humphrey’s hair on Gossip Girl (played by actress Taylor Momsen), and the more and more I see it, the more and more I reccommend it on younger clients.

In Season One, Jenny had long, blonde hair that was simple and easy to manage for a social climbing freshman. The higher she got on the social ladder, the cooler her hair got. By the end of Season one, it was medium length with some soft layers around her face and a nice golden blonde.

Now in Season Two, trendy fashionista Jenny has a very trendy, deep razored cut with bangs, and an icier, cooler blonde, which is a must when you are on top of the social ladder.

This cut is very easy to manage. It can be easily blow-dried, either without a tool, with your fingers, or with a brush or a comb.

For Jenny’s look: blowdry with your fingers, and push it all forward (to the face). flat-iron and mess it up with wax, and voila!
For a funky look: add some wax and piece out your layers.
For a simple look: straighten with a flat-iron.
For a glamorous look: Blowdry with a round brush for extra volume, and curl the ends.

Taylor Momsen/Jenny Humphrey: First in Season one, then in season two.

A funky look/messy trendy:

The Glamorous look/Curled and accessorized:

The simple look/pulled back:


One thought on “A Taylor Momsen post

  1. i love her hair! iam thinking about getting it cut like that but here’s the thing-i have an lon face. Will it still work with my face shape? and also, how long will it take to style in the mornigs?

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