Goldwell Trend Zoom 2009 Preview

I recently went to a class with some fellow stylists. It was a Goldwell haircutting class. Very informative, creative, and entertaining.

There, I recieved a DVD of Goldwell’s Futuretec Collection. A teaser of the amazing looks in the collection, to be presented at upcoming hairshows (that I am going to!)

I’ll share it with you:

Goldwell Trend Zoom 2009 is inspired by a future trend phenomenon interpreted by an international team of Goldwell creative stylists and colorists. The Trend Zoom 2009 collection, called FUTURETEC, is a vision of the future inspired by virtual architecture and underlined by ecological awareness, which brings the Virtualist and Ecopolitan worlds to life!


The Virtualist world is a fascinating fusion of virtual worlds with reality. A fascinating look inspired by modern technology and medieval spirituality. Vibrant colors of silver-grey, pastel violet, ice blue and subtle metallic effects upgrade every hairstyle and add a mystical touch to the here and now.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The Ecopolitan world reveals a cosmopolitan lifestyle with an unconventional urban look that combines urban chic with natural appeal. Modern natural shades, which are intensive and vivid, are inspired by Mother Earth. Characteristic colors are rich, earthy browns, multi-dimensional copper and powdery sandalwood tones. These shades combine the desire for making a fashion statement, while maintaining a natural appeal.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket



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