Update your haircolor

With springtime approaching, it is now the time to look on the bright side… with haircolor, that is. It’s time to update your haircolor!


a fine weave highlight

They say that blondes have more fun. However, consider your lifestyle and personality before you choose which blonde you will have the most fun with.

a 1/4 inch weave highlight

Highlights can be a great way to go lighter, without actually bleaching out your whole head. You can have natural looking highlights with a very fine weave, 1/2 inch or 1 inch panels of color with a larger weave, or a nice in between look with 1/4 inch weaves.

The key to highlights is to make them look natural. Remember, you are going for the lighter look without doing the entire head, and natural haircolor has natural highlights in it anyways.


You have the choice of doing a full head of foils, or just a partial head of foils, which is the top of the head, where the sun would normally hit your haircolor. With long hair, it is reccommened to get a full head of foils your first time, and come back for a partial the next time, and alternate. The highlights underneath are not necessary to be retouched everytime, unless you wear your hair in a ponytail constantly.

Clients with Highlights normally come back into the salon anywhere from 4-8 weeks. 6 weeks is normal and suggested, unless you need gray coverage or a color fading gloss.

Highlights are great for everyone, as long as you have time to make appointments for retouches every month and a half, and the money to set aside. Highlights average at about $50- 70 for a partial and $75-$100 for a full foil.

This is an excellent way to update your hair color, and it puts a fresh, bright new spin on your look.

**Lowlights are the opposite of highlights, adding in a darker tone as opposed to a lighter tone, and also create an amazing dimensional look, but are not reccommended when wanting to go lighter.


Going lighter for Spring does not have to mean going blonde. Just a little bit lighter can make a big difference.

Brunettes should go for either highlights or a rich single process shade.

The same highlight rules go for the brunettes, except that you use toners for your hair in darker shades than the blondes do. A lot of brunettes love the caramel look for springtime, which looks great. It adds a lighter look, but also creates dimension.

Rachel Bilson’s Caramel Highlights

Also, caramel highlights, if fine enough, do not have to be retouched as much as blondes, because they are not as contrasty, and look more natural the longer they grow out. Just don’t let yourself grow out more than 2-3 inches.

With the rich single process shades, go for a rich, warm tone. Stay away from the neutral, mousy shades, or cool shades. Or use a color depositing shampoo to adjust your shade. You can do this every other time you shampoo. Ask your colorist, these are not available unless you are a professional.

These are a few great ways to update your hair color as a brunette.


I personally think that the girls with the red hair have the most fun. We stand out in a crowd more!

The best way to update your red by seasons is with vibrancy.

If you are a natural redhead, or a colored-redhead, you know that color depositing shampoo is your best friend. Once you use it, everyone asks if you had dyed your hair recently, or will compliment your color. Red is the hardest to keep in your hair, and this shampoo will keep the vibrant color going until your real touch-up.

If you do want to go lighter, go with highlights. Very fine weaves strawberry blonde highlights can look great in natural redheads. And can be easily colored over once you want to go darker or redder again.

Isla Fisher’s strawberry blonde highlights.

If you love vibrant fashion reds, like me, going for a less harsh coppery red is good for spring and summer. Stay away from voilet, cool tones. Also, the copper shades are great for warm weather because red shades fades into copper shades if pre-lightened, and it will be less-noticable. If you aren’t comfortable with an all over copper, then go for some fun highlight placement.




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