Is blow-drying really damaging?

Technically, yes.

Overdrying hair gets rid of the hair’s moisture, which makes hair more prone to breakage. Adding a curling iron or a flat iron to that, and you have damage written all over your hair. Especially if you are a daily kind of girl.

But here is some advice on how to minimize heat damage:

*Don’t blow-dry your hair until it airdries about 80%. The longer you airdry, the less you will damage it with heat. Most styling is acheived in the last 20% of wetness anyway. Blow-drying sopping wet hair will take too long, and make your hair frizzy and unruly.

*Use a heat- protectant spray before you blow-dry. I like to use Sebasitan’s Trilliant, because it is a heat protectant, and it gives shine and body.

*Use a deep conditioner or reconstructor about once a week, as well as moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. This keeps hair hydrated.

Joico’s K-PAK works extremely well and is availble to take home from your salon. With the highest concentration of Quadramine Complex™ in its formulas, K-PAK delivers the ultimate in healthy hair. K-PAK products work synergistically to rebuild, reconstruct, strengthen and protect damaged hair. It is basically like the chemistry systems that I preach about, yet you can bring it home with you.

The entire K-PAK line has shampoos, conditioners, reconstructors, styling products, and treatments.


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