Hair Color Disasters: What’s your story??


Readers, I simply cannot stress this enough. Infact, I think I will put it in bold.

Going from Brown hair to Blonde hair is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT POSSIBLE with box color.

Not that I am one to mind the extra cash bonus I will recieve in my weekly check for your color correction, but I would rather see you regularly, with beautiful, healthy hair, than see you once and having to spend four hours on correcting the mess you made.

I know we have all had some sort of hair mishap. A color disaster, if you will.

My story?

I was in college, an 18 year old dark haired freshman who was longing to be a blonde. My aunt/stylist was back in my hometown. I thought I would suprise everyone by finally getting the gorgeous blonde hue I had always dreamed of. Everyone was going to love it!

So… I ran to WalMart. The haircolor aisle. Cha-Ching!! Box Color on SALE for $2.50!! The most gorgeous shade of blonde that was on sale was going to be on my head in just a few hours!

and if that was not bad enough?


Panicking, I drive back to WalMart, run back to the haircolor aisle, and grab ANOTHER box color on sale for $2.50. This time? Black. Black would cover the mess for sure!

Funny thing– I see this a lot. I also hear it from people a lot. So don’t you think that by telling your story of your home haircolor mishaps, people would listen and avoid their own story by going to a salon?

Today, I walked into the salon and the first thing I hear is that I have a color correction as my first appointment. The poor thing put blonde box color on her dark hair and it turned dark orange. Then she used a box bleach and it was yellow at the roots and orange. Then she used another box blonde and it was white at the roots and a yellow orange on the rest. This is when I met her.

She had not slept all night. Her scalp was most likely irritated. She had a lot of breakage on her ends. Not only did I have to try and give her the amazing blonde that she wanted originally, but I could not use a bleach after all she had done on her hair the night before.

I corrected her color base to ends with an ash blonde. The ash blonde got rid of the orange and yellow tones. Even though it evened out the color and provided a pretty base, it was still one-dimensional and damaged.

I then gave her a reconstruction treatment by Joico, to get her hair back into shape for the next color service I was about to give.

I then put in about 12 foils to give the top half of her head some more dimension, and put haircolor a level darker on her nape.

Once that was done, I reconstructed her hair again, and then gave her a haircut to fix the breakage from the night before.

This poor girl was at the salon for almost four hours. She also spent quite a bit of her mom’s money to get it corrected. Hopefully, she learned and won’t try and go light with box color again.

…and hopefully, you will pass this along to your friends and family and tell them not to!

Do you have any haircolor disasters? If so, share it with us in the comments section!

Lauren Lindner


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