A tutorial request


My amazing friend Kristin has been bugging me for a month now to write a blog on how to style your own bangs.

Maybe the above picture expresses her frustration!

Ok, Ok… In all seriousness, a lot of my clients really don’t know how to style bangs! They all ask for them and I have to show them what to do.

So just incase your stylist doesn’t show you– here is a tutorial!

1. When your hair is wet, apply a mousse or a gel to the entire head (I love Joico Body Luxe Root Lifter) This will give your hair (including your bangs) some life. No one wants limp bangs.

2. To concentrate on your bangs first– clip the rest of your hair out of the way. Let everything down around your hairline.

3. Brush the bangs off to one side (remember your deep side part!) and blow dry with the dryer pointing downward. Use fingers or a paddle brush. Not a round brush (unless you want…curly…bangs…?)

4. Then, brush your bangs opposite, to dry underneath. (Flip back again and again until dry)

5. Once dry, keep them in place. If you want to, run a flat iron through them.

6. I like to finish my bangs off with a little bit of wax, but this is not always necessary.

Kristin– did this help? Post a picture for us!!

Lauren Lindner


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