Products: JOICO Design Collection

designgroup3_orig_largeJoico Design Collection

Design Collection, the latest line in the Joico family, is a sleek arsenal of cutting-edge styling tools designed for the ultimate in artistic expression giving healthy, beautiful hair.

Designed to be used alone or combined, these next-generation styling formulas dramatically influence hair’s movement and condition without weight, flaking or buildup thanks to new Total Defense Complex™, a breakthrough hair care and style technology.

Design Collection features a full range of textures, finishes and hold factors, to deliver the flexibility and support needed to take hair from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Photobucket Dry Spray Wax

Designed to combine the ease of an ultra-dry aerosol with the impact of a highly malleable wax, this imaginative spray wax delivers medium hold with a finish that is easily manipulated throughout the day. Ideal for perfectly imperfect lookand adds soft shine.

Photobucket Gloss Wax

Designed to combine the hold of lightweight resins with the shine of pure micro-crystalline liquid wax, this inventive formula remains clean and featherweight on the hair. Delivers high impact shine and super light, flexible hold. Ideal for short-to-mid-length hair.

Photobucket Humidity Blocker Finishing Shield

Designed to offer ultimate protection against humidity, this unique formula literally imparts an invisible protective barrier around each hair strand to lock out style-robbing moisture all day.
Locks out humidity, eliminating frizz and preventing styles from collapsing. Also reduces dry time when used on damp hair prior to blow-drying.

Photobucket Molding Putty

Designed to be re-interpreted throughout the day, this innovative, non-greasy hybrid putty combines clean, flexible hold with natural shine. A super clean, non-tacky formula
that is ideal for short-to-mid-length hair.

Photobucket Pliable Paste

Designed to create texture that feels thick and pliable, this hybrid paste combines firm hold, texture and a clean matte finish all in one modern, surprisingly light formula. Clean, non-tacky formula. Ideal for medium-to-thick hair.

Lauren Lindner

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