Please Please Please Reconstruct

I know I’ve emphasized this topic a lot on, but I keep getting reminded of it daily at the salon.

As we all tend to go lighter in the summer, the bleach that lightens the hair does indeed damage your hair. Sorry ladies, but it’s true.

Sure, we have amazing color lines out there now (Such as Joico’s Vero K-Pak and Chrome, which reconstructs as we color), but bleach…? Nope, bleach is still bleach! (As much as I hate to admit it!)

Luckily, for you fabulously lightened ladies, we have a solution.


If you are not lucky enough to be in the Studio 9 Salon area for our amazing reconstructors, then ask your stylist about them.

There are in-salon treatments that vary in price, and some take-home solutions, as well.

Today, I sent a client home with some amazing Joico K-Pak take-home treatments.

Photobucket K-Pak Shampoo
Designed for: Damage repair
Benefits: Begins the reconstruction process using a unique cream foundation enriched with Joico’s exclusive Keratin Silicone Complex.
Gently cleanses the hair while enhancing its elasticity, strength and shine.
Available in liter size.
Photobucket K-Pak Reconstructor
Designed for: Damage repair
Benefits: K-PAK Reconstructor contains the highest amount of Quadramine Complex than any other product in the Joico family.
Hair is left shiny, strong and in a healthy, manageable state.
K-PAK Reconstructor results in an immediately noticeable difference in strength, texture and appearance.
Available in liter size.
Photobucket K-Pak Intense Hydrator
Designed for: Treatment for dry, damaged hair
Benefits: Replenishes moisture and lipids to overly dry, damaged hair, rendering it manageable, soft, shiny and hydrated.
Seals the cuticle and improves elasticity.
Available in liter size.
Photobucket K-Pak Conditioner
Designed for: Damage repair
Benefits: Reconstructs, strengthens and detangles dry, damaged hair with K-PAK’s Keratin Silicone Complex.
Hair feels smooth, silky and shiny with vitality and bounce.
Available in liter size.

Thank you for listening!! We don’t want any chemical haircuts around here do we?

Lauren Lindner


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