My Top 3 Products May 2009


Sebastian’s Trilliant is one of the most fabulous new products of the season. I featured it on in this post.

Trilliant is a multifaceted complex. It provides body conditioning, ultimate heat protection, and unbelievable shimmer. Those are the three parts to it– and you can literally see the three seperate layers in the bottle: a dark blue, a light blue, and a blue with sparkles.

What you do is SHAKE IT to blend the layers (activating the 3-part complex). Then you SPRAY IT on damp hair just before blowdrying. It protects from heat damage and it shines your hair amazingly. Once dry, SPRAY IT again for additional detail and finish.

I always like to spray it and flat iron for a smooth, shiny look.

Dirty Secret
Dirty Secret

I am sooooooooo in love with TIGI’s Dirty Secret Shampoo. featured it on in this post.

I’ve mentioned this fact before-– don’t wash your hair everyday unless you have to. And this product is an amazing solution!! Especially for my short hair.

Shampooing your hair less will keep your color in longer, and will be protected from heat damage that you would get from your blowdryer/flat-iron.

All you do is spray on the roots, wait a minute, brush through, and go!

It is colorless, so don’t worry!

Also, dirty hair is excellent for updo’s and big, teased hair.

So try it out now… if you want to be a Rockaholic!!

Spray Wax
Spray Wax

We have been featuring JOICO a lot at Studio 9 Salon latley, and I have absolutley fallen in love with the Spray Wax.

I have used a lot of waxes, puttys, gels, gunks, and taffys before, and honestly, nothing compares!

After styling, spray the wax all over your head, and underneath. Then, piece out your hair or shake it to set. Voila! You are done!

Try it– I promise, you will adore it. Especially you short haired gals out there!!

(P.S. All JOICO is still buy one get one FREE at Studio 9!)

Lauren Lindner


2 thoughts on “My Top 3 Products May 2009

  1. Dirty Secret? Really? That’s surprising. I tried it and got like 2.5 uses out of it… maybe I used it wrong? I’m super glad it works for you though, and I’m DEFINITELY trying Trilliance. I ❤ Shiny Healthy Hair. =)

  2. yeah I got it in March at ABS and I still have half a bottle. I only wash my hair 2 times a week, 3 max with my vibrant color and glued extensions… so I spray that on every morning, brush it through and re-style!!

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