Trying to look younger?

So I know we are all dreading it.

Our first gray hair. (I have none!! <– my little brag of the day)

Or for some of my readers, the gray roots that will start to show in just a few days. (Hi mom–sorry!)

The best advice that I can give to you when being concerned with gray coverage is to go to your stylist/colorist.

Gray coverage is one of the trickiest parts of coloring hair, and we have it down to a science. We know which colors cover best. At my salon, we even have an amazing color line made especially for coloring gray hair!

But that’s not the point!

I’m here today to give a little bit of advice.


When trying to look younger, go for warm dimensional color. The last thing you want to do is have one drab color from root to end, looking like you have an old wig on your head. Layering warm, rich tones can really liven up your complexion, suiting you best and automatically making yourself look 10 years younger.

And for all you girls that call the salon and tell the receptionist that you need gray coverage becuase your one little gray hair is sticking out? You are silly! (haha– I’ve had a few of those this month!)

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