EVOLVE your color Hair Show

Hey everyone! I’ve been such a busy little hairstylist latley!!

Sunday and Monday was the EVOLVE your color Hair Show in Dearborn, MI.

It features Presentations and Hands-on classes with JOICO/ISO, PRAVANA, and GOLDWELL/KMS CALIFORNIA.

Being a salon that uses JOICO color, some of the girls and I spent most of our time there.

Sunday was a day of presentations. My favorite was “Color my Beautiful” by ISO’s David Daniels. Studio 9 was fortunate enough to have David come to our salon two months ago for our own personal color class, so it was great to see him again!

(I apoligize in advance about the lack of pictures from this day. I only had my camera phone!)

The three models from ISO's "Color me beautiful" class.

Model #1 was a teenager with grown out highlights from four year ago. She wanted something trendy and fun, even though her mother (also at the consultation) wanted her to act her age and not play with color too much. She ended up with some beautifully placed partial highlights and a few light blue panels, which was a great way to please both her and her mother. The cut was fresh and had some stylish blunt bangs to keep her trendy.

Model #2 started with virgin hair (We LOVE to see virgin hair– its like a blank page out of a coloring book!) and David gave her a very natural looking red, with highlights and lowlights. But the most interesting on this model was the gorgeous classic wave going through the front of her hair, done with –Gasp!– rollers! (A blog to come about that amazing technique!)

Model #3 had amazing curly hair. David gave her a dark, dark red, and a few pieces of a dark purple. It was very subtle from far away, and you could really see it better up close. (Again, sorry about the lack of photos!)


Monday’s class was a blast!! Bonnie, Ashlee, Cherise, and I all participated in the hands on class, which was JOICO‘s Cutting and Color Clinic, where we learned one of the new “J- Cutting” Techniques, as well as playing with the K-Pak color line (which we use daily)

Photobucket Photobucket Pam’s Mannequin, the blonde version.
Pam Mezigner
Pam Mezigner

The class was taught by one of my new favorite educators, Pam Mezinger, the owner of Michael Andrew Color Concept Salon in Ohio.

The cut was a trendy look to bring back to some clients, that we can also commercialize for clients without that certain edge, and the color was a fun way to jazz up the cut that we can use with several different types of colors– blondes, coppers, reds, or even party colors, highlights, or lowlights.

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Cherise and I at the Show!!
Cherise and I at the Show!!

Later that night, I got to use the cut (the commercialized version) on a younger client– and she loved it!

Lauren Lindner


One thought on “EVOLVE your color Hair Show

  1. Lauren,
    What a great blog! Thanks so much for the coverage of the event. We are glad you and your salon got so much out of it. Look forward hearing more from you!

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