Kristin Ketchup

Everyone– Meet Kristin Ketchup.

(“Hi, Kristin Ketchup!”)

No, thats not her real name, but it is the name I’ve called her since I’ve been friends with her for the last four years (…She calls me Mustard by the way…)

Kristin Ketchup loves the fact that I’m a stylist, and often takes advantage of my skills.

The only SAD part is that Kristin Ketchup doesn’t live near me anymore, so she does have to see a regular stylist to maintain her red hair, when she can’t come see me.

This girl has gone through as many reds as I have, and she is looking for our help because she has not yet found her favorite.

She adores reds from leading ladies such as Isla Fisher, Linsday Lohan, and Alyson Hannigan.

Kristin Ketchup says, “I want to look like a natural born redhead, but I have light brown roots. This means maintenance and I want the simplest and most cost-efficient way to do it.”

She always has looked like a natural redhead to me– with her green eyes and fair skin. Her love for being Irish helps a lot, too. (haha!)

I’ve gone through some reds from the last four years that I’ve known Kristin Ketchup, and we are going to decide–right here and now– which one looks best and is easiest for my little Ketchup.

She likes to stay conservative, too! Don’t suggest anything that is as crazy as my red hair!

Please vote on your favorite and/or submit a nice red shade of your own for Kristin Ketchup.

Kristin Kethup’s red shades (and in no particular order)

Photobucket Photobucket LOOK #1
Photobucket LOOK #2
Photobucket Photobucket LOOK #3
in LOOK #4
Photobucket LOOK #5
Photobucket LOOK #6

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