Kate, Kate, Kate…

I recently recieved an e-mail from Eddie, who, like all other humans on this earth, cannot stop talking about Kate Gosselin.

Except Eddie is not talking about the divorce from Jon, he is talking about her hair.

Hello Lauren,

I am wondering, what’s your opinion on the popular “Kate Gosselin” hair style and have you done that style on any of your clients?

Eddie in Farmington Hills


Well Eddie,

This cut does seem to be quite controversial around the world right now, doesn’t it?

Kate says that her stylist gets “gets calls from across the country” about her hair, which magazines have called a “reverse mullet”.

Trust me, I am all for cute, trendy, short hair! Although, in Kate’s case, there are quite a few things I would change as a stylist.

The thing is, that Kate wants two different styles put together, and they are not put together properly.


The back of the cut and the front of the cut do not match at all. From the back, her hair looks like a spiked verison of the Pixie, and from the front, it looks like a choppy version of the Pob.

In order to connect these two looks, I would want a little more length in the back to work with. That way, the color and the diagonal line of the hair would connect.


And then there is this side. The dramatic side that I usually love on short hair. I’m sorry to say that it just does not work. It is way too chunky, like a big blob of hair that is not layered, nor texturized to fit this cut.

However, the opposite side of the cut is fabulous. She should do the other side the same and just deal with a pixie cut for a while, if she likes the easiness of the short spikes.

So to answer your question Eddie, YES we gossip about Kate, and Jon, and Jon and Kate, but I have yet to cut it on someone. If I did, I would tweak it like explained.

..Or give them the original “Kate” cut, which people do ask for often.

the "good" Kate cut

Hope that helped you out, Eddie!

-Lauren Lindner

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