Kristen’s Hair Timeline

As you may remember from previous posts, Kristen changes her haircolor a lot! She just recently did another major change… from beach blonde to dark brown!

Lets have a timeline look at Kristen’s every changing haircolor:

I first met her at beauty school when she got caramel highlights. I didn’t know her that well, so I never took a picture.

A month later… dark brown with red highlights.



A month later… lighter brown with strawberry highlights, dark lowlights, and blonde highlights.
(this started the Kristen: Journey to Blonde)



A month later, took out the red and extra darkness. More blonde. No more red or dark.
(Little more, can’t go all at once.)



A month later, a ton more blonde.
(Currently featured on MopShots, and getting rave reviews)

picnik kristen

A month later, she got that blonde touched up, and adding more.
Kristen’s blondest of blonde.


And yesterday, she said bye-bye to blonde.
She loved it so much but her hair grew too fast for 3 week bleach touchups.



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