Selena Gomez

Ok, so I have already openly admitted to loving shows on the Disney Channel.

I, Lauren Lindner, am a fan.

Well, yesterday, during a Hannah Montana marathon, I noticed Selena Gomez in a new commercial, showing off her cute new short hair.


Demi and Selena
Demi and Selena

I’ve noticed her over the past few months, as well as other stars like Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato, and this is the best she has ever looked!

Selena’s usual look is very long, thick, overpowering dark hair, either straight or wavy, with some sort of a bang. I’m not sure if it was her natural hair, or just some extensions (if they were extensions– I never saw any kind of shelf between the real and fake hair!)

Selena's usual look
Selena's usual look

I’m assuming she is a petite girl, and all of that hair seems to be taking over her entire look! Miley and Demi are taller and can pull off the long, wavy look. As cute as Selena is, she should stick to her shorter do. It also makes her look a bit older.

And as for bangs, I love the little side bang on her, it makes her little heart shaped face look more oval.

Another look of Selena
Another look of Selena
Selena with bangs
Selena with bangs

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