Its been a rough 24 hours!

I’m known for being spontanious from time to time…

I used to be spontanious with my hair color a lot.

And then I found RED:
Dark red, bright red, violet red, red copper, and red mahogany.
I found some really nice, vibrant shades and they became a part of me. I was re-coloring every three weeks and I was satisfied.

my reddest of reds.
my reddest of reds.

…and then summer came along. One month into summer weather, and my hair is constantly fading into orange, no matter how often I color it. It was too much work, and too much damage. I’ll leave red for the winter months.

So here is where my spontaniety came into play.

A slow Monday at the salon.


Something bold, something different, something I’ve never done before.

How about Pale Blonde against my dark brown nape?

Enter color remover.
(lifting—> bright orange)


Enter bleach.
(lifting more —> flourescent yellow and baby pink/purple)


Enter bleach with green tonal blends
(Lifting more and taking out pink—> green/pink/purple)


Haircut. Cutting off an inch of dead ends.

Toner. Beige.


My new pale blonde hair
My new pale blonde hair

Oh, and just for fun:

cotton candy hair! =)
cotton candy hair! =)

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