“Killer Hair” on Lifetime

During my pleasant Saturday night at home (lame, I know), I vegged out and surfed my On Demand TV shows. I came across an interesting title, “Killer Hair”, and clicked on it.


Based on the book series, “Crimes of Fashion” by Ellen Byerrum, “Killer Hair” is about a fashion reporter, Lacey, who investigates one death (that leads to another, that leads to another) that all are involved in her hot Washington DC Hair Salon.

The tagline from the book/movie is,” Can a bad haircut really kill you?”

The crazy part? Every victim is someone who cares a lot about their hair, and once found dead, all of their hair is chooped off– and ugly! (haha!)

With the help of her hairstylist and her hot detective ex boyfriend, Lacey solves the murder mystery and–omg– almost loses her hair, too!


Ok, ok, sounds cheesy. But aren’t most Lifetime movies? I just love books and movies that have to do with the salon world. I got a kick out of it when the murderer ended up being —SPOILER ALERT!— The Salon Owner’s son, who killed his own father just to get the salon, and used the hair from the dead bodies for his own hair extensions.

BUT REALLY, I loved Sadie LeBlanc’s hair in this movie. Sadie plays Stella, who is Lacey’s stylist. She is rocking some killer red-copper hair with long bob.

I couldn’t find many photos for you, so I print screened from the online movie version so you could enjoy her fabulous-ness as well.




Everything about this look is gorgeous. The color, the subtle highlights, the bangs, the layers, the lines.

I spent the entire movie wishing I had never cut my hair so I could look this good.

…and I am going to read this book (after I finish my Shopaholic series) and watch the rest of the movies, so stay tuned!!


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