Fast Forward: Fall 2009

After doing the most fabulously rich, warm, gorgeous cinnamon red color ever achieved today, I am started to get pumped up for fall.

(The drab, chilly Michigan summer weather makes me think its fall already!)

So my next few posts will be about FALL!

Sexy Hair has a new collection of cuts out that will be hot for fall, called Headliner… two looks for fashion-forward ladies.


This is the long version, complete with fabulous bangs that graze the eye, and piecey layers that can be either smoothed down, or played up.

I love the beige blonde highlights with lowlights, and the darker color underneath. It’s time to go a bit softer with the harsh underneath colors. These two go well together, as opposed to a dark brown.


This is the short version, which is a lot of fun, too. I would even crop the back up a little bit more for a really trendy look.

The color for this look is fabulous. A nice, rich, warm chestnut with fine copper panels of color.

I’d love to see a lot more bangs like this. People are often scared and think they cannot pull them off, but really, they are fun, modern, and suitable for most face shapes.


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