Lindsey’s funky new lowlights

One of my clients, Lindsey, said to me on the first day we met:
“I will always be changing my hair when I come in.”

We had a talk today about it, and I love Lindsey’s way of thinking! She says that if she is going to come in and pay for a change, she may as well get something that everyone will notice, instead of a touch-up! I love this girl!

Lindsey first saw me for a body perm, then for blonde blonde highlights and a few dark blonde lowlights.

Lindsey’s old look was a bit like Gwenyth Paltrow’s highlighted long bob (or “lob”), which is gorgeous and easy to maintain, but a bit boring for Lindsey.

Lindsey's old look
Lindsey's old look

She brought me a photo of Kristin Cavallari’s blonde from 2006, saying that she liked the contrast between the colors, but more blonde in front and more brown in back.

The look that Lindsey wanted.
The look that Lindsey wanted.

She said she wanted it chopped off, an angled bob– complete with side bangs and some funky lowlights! We were both so excited!

We agreed with the most blonde around the face, and randomized slicing of lowlights. I gave her the simplest angled bob, because too many drastic changes at once would be overwhelming for her husband!

Here is Lindsey’s after photos! I absolutley love the turnout! Lindsey looks fabulous!


…I cannot wait to see what Lindsey comes up with for her next visit!


One thought on “Lindsey’s funky new lowlights

  1. Thanks so much Lauren! Tony LOVED my hair and said it looked great! He could not stop smiling and said the color was awesome, cut was young and fresh and all around just a perfect fit for me. We will have to redo those pics though when I have not been in the office for 8 hours and have no make-up on. I will give you a new one when I am all “sassed” up for a night out with my hubby. Thanks again for always making exactly what I want to see happen. You are awesome and so fun to work with. Your vision and creativity always excite me to sit in your chair!!!!

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