Inspiration: Dree Hemingway

This new issue of Teen Vogue is very inspiring. I want to go buy sequined leggings right now!!!

Anyway, this model on the “Girl of the Moment” page is rocking the whole “I-dont-care-about-my-hair-but-really-I-do-and-this-is-my-look” look.

You know… the look like you just let your hair air dry and you haven’t brushed it, nor gotten your highlights touched up since last summer…?

Sounds odd, but it really does work for her, and tons of other models and actresses.

I just wonder if we can pull it off as well?

Someone with long hair, please roll out of bed and throw on a chic outfit, and tell me if you look like this!





One thought on “Inspiration: Dree Hemingway

  1. Hi Lauren…..I can totally see YOU modeling for any of these fashion mags. You’re strikingly beautiful. Once again you cut my hair to perfection. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have found you. Thank you so very much for the beautiful flowers and also the tip on the bus to Chi-town…. Have a wonderful trip and a blast of a birthday. xoxoxoxo Maureen

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