Lydia– My Fabulous Blonde

Lydia is a client who found me on facebook! How exciting! She said she has admired my work and really wanted me to do her highlights for her next touch up, and to work my magic.

Her old stylist had put a medium amount of blonde in there, and really spaced out her highlights, so I snuck two extra foils in between the usually 2, giving Lydia maximum blonde!

I also sent her home with Joico’s Violet Color Endure Shampoo(to keep her blonde cool and to cancel out any warmness that comes out) and It’s a 10 (a miracle leave-in for bleached hair)

Joico's Violet Color Endure.
It's a 10. Perfect for bleached hair.
It's a 10. Perfect for bleached hair.

Well, here she is:

(cell phone quality–sorry guys!)



Lydia also voted for Studio 9 Salon for WDIV’s BEST SALON in DETROIT Contest. (Which you can do here) and said:

I can’t recommend Lauren enough! My experience with her was nothing short of amazing. She took me in a couple hours after I called to make an appointment and listened precisely to what I wanted and did not want. She took her time and made sure I left with exactly what I wanted. My hair looks great!

Thanks for voting, Lydia! See you soon!


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