Well folks,

For my 24th birthday, (yesterday!) I got a new fabulous LCD monitor that is huge!! So now I will be writing even more posts, because I am so excited to use it!! I also got a nifty little thing where I can watch live TV while I write blogs and its like DVR (which I’ve been begging for since 2004)… but I think that might distract me!!

I had a fabulous time with friends and family all week (birthday celebrations should always be a week long) and especially last night at Royal Oak’s Comedy Castle with the girls from work and a few friends. Then out for a few drinks after!

Cherise and I, celebration!!
Cherise and I, celebration!!
...Birthday celebration...
...Birthday celebration...

…and NOW, I’m off to CHICAGO for a long weekend to continue the birthday celebration with my best friend, Kristin, who lives there!

chicago was Kristin’s idea, and she helped make my site what it is, and she even has some new fabulous ideas that I will launch when I come back! (and I’m going to do her hair!)

Kristin and Lauren
Kristin and Lauren

I’ll update more later!! Thanks for making my birthday enjoyable with all of your online birthday wishes!!


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