American Apparel’s Le Sac Dress

Readers– I know I am supposed to write about hair, but I just have to tell the world about my favorite dress in the universe from the ever-so-trendy (and when I say trendy, I mean hipster–to the point where your boyfriend will be scared of this store) store, American Apparel.


I fell in love with this dress a while ago, and I bought another one yesterday.

The Le Sac dress is a draped dress with long strings that you can creativley manuver into a ton of different dresses.

Examples from the store:

…or create your own! I like to play around with it a lot, and get creative!

One sit fits all. Le Sac Dress $38


2 thoughts on “American Apparel’s Le Sac Dress

  1. You don’t just have to write about hair! God knows I don’t. 😉 I love that dress. Especially as “the jumper”. Is it flattering on? I need to make a trip to AA, but I always end up spending so much money when I go. Also, I added you to my blog roll! 🙂

  2. I find ways to make it flattering! I am way too creative with this dress! Maybe I’ll post a few looks =)

    And thanks for adding me to your blog roll! I’ve been talking to my best friend/PR girl all weekend about how much I love your site!

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