Rockaholic’s Newest Products

We all know I am a fan of the Rockaholic Line from TIGI, after my last post about Dirty Little Secret.

And now… They have added even more to their line! I’m pretty excited to try them!

Shampoo bar, Spray pomade, Hair glue.
Shampoo bar, Spray pomade, Hair glue.

The All Access Go Anywhere Shampoo Bar is one I’m a little baffled about, to be honest. The description says “This bar goes straight to your head! Sage leaf, sandalwood and henna combine to cleanse and condition for a shampoo so good you’ll use it even when you’re not on the road.” I’ll have to get back to you on this one once I try it out. Very curious!

::EDIT:: I have now done my research on shampoo bars, and it turns out that they are supposed to be conditioning for your hair, and they have no added preservatives, and no harsh surfactants. I am very excited to try this and see what I think. ::EDIT::

The Groupie Texturizing Spray Pomade Is something that I am very excpited about. Especially for piecey hair, and short hair. I am NOT a fan of dipping my gorgeous nails into a tub of goop, so spray waxes and goops are my friend. This should be very easy to use! Texture , shine, and control should be your top three benefits from this product.


I have used the Way Out Super Hair Glue (bought it yesterday!) And I love it! We all know I love my texture and rock and roll hair, and this glue is meant to hold it in! It adds a lot of shine, holds really well, and energizes my hair.


Look forward to a new full review… coming soon!

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