New to is debuting a new, fun guest blog!

Every month, my friend Eddie will be doing a post about hair, from a guy’s point of view. Eddie is not a hair expert, he’s just a guy that loves hockey, golf, and girls.


I met Eddie when we were both writing for our college newspaper, the Ferris State Torch (Go Bulldogs!) We have kept in touch for years since, and he is probably my biggest fan.

Eddie and I on my birthday
Eddie and I on my birthday

When he came to Studio 9 Salon to get his hair cut the other day, I asked him if he was interested in becoming a guest blogger and he was so excited!

Tonight, Eddie and I will be writing seperate articles on whether men prefer long hair or short hair on women, thanks to the subject displayed in the movie, “The Ugly Truth”.

In the movie, Katherine Heigl’s character is told by Gerard Butlers character to get hair extensions if she wants to get a man. Being that I have short hair, I was rather upset about this part of the movie.

I did my research, asking over 100 men and women what they think.

So stay tuned tonight– for the reveal!!


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