Long hair: Is it the Ugly Truth?

Through my weekend of adventures in Chicago, Kristin and I not only shopped, dined, drank, and threw my new phone into a pool, we also went to see Katherine Heigl’s new movie, The Ugly Truth, the silly new comedy that will make you want to reconsider your quest for your “perfect man”.

I am not here to do a movie review. I’m here to debate a point made by Gerard Butler’s character in the movie.

When criticizing Katherine Heigl’s characters looks, he said she needed a push up bra, jeans that showed off her butt, and hair extensions for a man to find her attractive.

I was kind of pissed off when I heard that. Of course, in the movie it worked. She got the man she wanted, and another one on top of that… but does that mean that the single girls in the world that have short hair aren’t as attractive to a man?

I wanted to find out.

I asked 50 men total the question:
“Do you prefer long hair or short hair on a woman?”


And what is their reasoning, do you ask? Lets read:

Lets see what some of the men said when asked about their reasoning for long hair.
“I like to pull on it.”
“It makes them look younger.”
“You can do more with it, like curl it and stuff.”
“It just looks better.”
“It’s traditional.”
“It’s so sexy.”
“It’s more feminine.”

…and for short:
“Short hair requires confidence. If she can rock that hair, then she loves herself and she will love you, too.”
“It is often better kept. No stringy ends.”
“Short hair always looks good. There’s no ponytails, so they have to style it everyday.”
“Short hair is more modern.”

And as for the ones who couldn’t commit to an answer:
“It doesn’t matter. It’s the girl I’m attracted to. Not the hair.”
“It’s how she carries herself. Long or short, as long as it looks good, I’m good.”

Here is an example from major trendsetter Victoria Beckham. This former Spice Girl is known around the world for her looks and fashion, and I guess, singing skills. All of her looks are flawless at all times. Back before her “Pob”, she had long hair. And apparently some highlights. Then, she got the famous cut and started the huge trend of the angled bob… Which do you prefer on her?

Victoria Beckham with long hair
Victoria Beckham with long hair
Victoria Beckham's short hair
Victoria Beckham's short hair

I also asked women what they prefer, and what their husbands/boyfriends think.

I am very happy to hear straight from women’s mouths that they don’t really care what their husbands think. Good for you. I’m sorry, but that is the one thing I get irritated with. Women actually say to me, “I’d love to cut my hair short, but my husband won’t let me.” Well, ladies, maybe your husband should style your hair for you every morning for a month and then make the decision, right?

I’m all for sexy, long hair. Of course it’s glamorous! Models and actresses wouldn’t be able to sell things without it. When I have extensions in, I do feel amazing, and yes, I get more attention from men when I have wigs on, and I know it. But I am a confident, short haired woman and I love it. I get more compliements everyday than I did when I hads long hair. It’s fun, and easy to do, and there are tons of ways to style it.

Kristin from Chicago said, “I would NEVER cut my hair short. My dad hates short hair, therefore I believe all men do.”

Kristin alsosaid, “My long hair is my security. I can cover things. Like eye contact. It enables my shyness.” um, Kristin, if you don’t make eye contact with a man, you won’t get one no matter what kind of hair you have!

Kayley said, “Long hair makes me feel more like a woman. They say you are how you dress, and when I wear my extensions, I flip my hair and walk with an attitude.”

Kelsey said, “Lauren, I don’t know how you do it. If I had hair as short as yours, I feel like my face would have to look perfect everyday. I wouldn’t be able to cover the fact that I don’t have makeup on.”

Heather said, “I love my new short hair. I am forced to look sassy everyday, and I love that my ponytail days are gone. I have a better attitude and good hair days everyday!”

So, my final words:

Apparently men have a thing for long hair over short. But really, they care about you more.

They love long hair, as long as women aren’t lazy with it. So girls, if you are going to keep it long for your man, you better style it like that Victoria’s Secret model he fantasizes about.

If you have short hair, rock it out! You don’t care what men think about your hair because you love it and that’s all that matters! Flaunt it, and find yourself a man who adores it!

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