Must-Have Manicures

When reading up in my latest In-Style Magazine, Icame across three amazing manicure ideas!

I showed them with the girl who does my nails at the salon, and she thought I was nuts.

But we all know how “out there” I am with my nails. I mean, come on, leopard print? Yellow? Bright orange? White? Matte? I’m telling you, I’m ahead of the trends in Sterling Heights. Someone needs to be trendy besides me, or move me to LA or Chicago, pronto!!

I’m so sick of french manicures, its not even funny. Be bold, ladies!!

The Moon Manicure
The Moon Manicure

This is the Moon Manicure. It was apparently very popular among stars in the 1920’s. I’m loving it! Black and white is very bold, and I can’t wait to try it!

The Ombre Manicure
The Ombre Manicure

The Ombre Manicure is a very awesome looking manicure, and all you need are two different polishes! It’s just different shade-mixing! With this look, they look a deep purple hue and a creamy white hue, and mixed four different shades on four different plates. The normal purple starts on the pinkie, and you end with the lightest on your thumb!

Mixed Metals Manicure
Mixed Metals Manicure

The Mixed Metals Manicure: A smattering of gold and silver over gunmetal is equal parts of grit and glamour. And getting the look is easy!! Start with two coats of a gunmetal color. Let dry. Then, sweep nail adhesive over the top. (The color is white at first– it will turn to a clear matte) Then tap a piece of gold foil over the top of your nail (shiny side down) three-four times, and peel off. Then repeat with the silver foil, and voila! Fabulous!!


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