I have to admit, I’m very much excited for the newest season of The Hills… my favorite mean girl is back!! Kristin Cavallari, Laguna Beach’s infamous “bad girl” from the class of 2005, is now the newest cast member on The Hills.

Nylon Magazine featured her last month and I am just now coming across her fabulous photoshoot.




Kristin has been rocking extensions for the longest time. SHe first got them during the senior prom episode of Laguna Beach, saying she could only have one fake thing at a time (such as hair extensions and acrylic nails– a big “no no”)

This time, and ever since, KCav has clearly been wearing extensions, like every other starlette/reality tv star out there today.

But I have to say, after watching her in “Van Wilder: Freshman Year” this morning:

1. I’m loving this edgy/hippie look on her. The whole jean and tank top with no makeup look is totally tired on her. Sooo high school.

2. Also, mmmmaybeeee stick to reality shows and photoshoots, KCav… because that acting of yours…was…not…great…


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