National Real Hair Week: Taylor Momsen’s Extensions

As past of National Real Hair Week on, I will be outing celebrities and their extensions all week!!

How exciting!

I’ll even teach you how to spot them =)

Today’s example: Taylor Momsen, aka Jenny Humphrey, my favorite lady on Gossip Girl

Recently, photos have surfaced of Taylor, on set in New York, wearing some new blonde, wavy extensions.

Now, Taylor’s extensions are not that bad. Normally, one can see a true difference between hair color and texture on both the fake hair and real hair. Taylor’s hair actually matches well, both with the color and texture. She has no “shelf” of real hair to be seen. More on that later!!

I do applaud her for trying something new with her hair… everyone has to have fun every once in a while! (I do, all the time!)

But Taylor’s short shag was all the rage this past year, and I don’t think she should cover up her rockin’ hair for some flowy locks. Its just not her. Its the glamorous version of her. Bring back rocker chic!!!

See for yourself:




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