Britney didn’t get the memo.

Me, and Britney... haha!
Me, and Britney... haha!

Yesterday, I went to Britney’s Circus Tour!!

I’ve been a Britney Fan since “…Baby One More Time” days, and I’ve been to all but one concert of her’s.

I know she’s back from the grave she dug herself a few years ago… and I’m very happy about it, but this was not her best show.

ANYWAYS, Britney totally didn’t get the memo about National Real Hair Day because her hair looked nastyyyy. I know the poor girl is still growing out her hair after her head shaving incident, but can’t somebody do something better about her hair? If Britney can’t do a concert with short hair (which she used to– back in the “Oops” days!), then somebody please do something to that stringy mess. (Love you, Brit!)




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