Shhh… a celebrity secret!!

Most of the world right now is pissed off at Lindsay Lohan, becuase she colored her hair back to a beautiful, rich natural red… and then messed it all up and went BACK to bleach blonde.

red to blonde? Not so easy!
red to blonde? Not so easy!

…Which isn’t a horrible color, it just looks like crap on her.

We all know its “for a movie role”, but what you didn’t know was that only her front pieces of hair were lightened to blonde!! Tricky, tricky!

Going from red to blonde is very, very, very hard. It takes way more than 2-3 processes, if that. (Trust me, I know from experience!!)

The trick? Extensions, of course. (The word of the week!!!)

Only Lindsay’s front pieces were bleached. The rest of her hair was most likely lightened and toned to eliminate red, but never bleached. The front pieces were heavily highlighted, and the rest of the blonde is via extensions.

All over blonde is a huge no-no for a redhead. When I did this crazy step, I was stripped and bleached twice, and lost a ton of hair. (Pixie, anyone?) It has to be done in steps, and treated everytime.

Haircolor does a lot, but it sure does have it’s limits.

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