Taylor and Mischa’s extensions hang out together


My favorite teen fashion icon, Taylor Momsen, was caught posing with none other than trainwreck Mischa Barton on Tuesday night.

Apparently, Tyra’s National Real Hair Day caught Tyra’s attention only because celebs everywhere are showing up with extensions galore.

Taylor and Mischa attended a cocktail party for designer Kris Van Assche, hosted by GQ & Dior Homme, in New York on Tuesday night.

Mischa looks good, which I’m glad to see, and although I cant prove it, her hair is totally fake. On the O.C, her hair was very fine, and there is no way it got that thick and luxurious in the past few years, especially with all the “trouble” she’s been in. She’s also known for having Lindsay Lohan-esque extensions in the past.

Taylor, oh Taylor… the messy stringy look is oh so chic with your short rocker hair, but with your extensions, girl… it’s not workin. Good try, though.

PS… Taylor is only 16. And Mischa is a mess. I hope Taylor doesn’t turn into a trainwreck one day!!


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