Tyra’s Real Hair

So Tuesday, September 8th was National Real Hair Day, as I’m sure you all are pretty sick of reading about…

Tyra debuted her hair, first soaking wet, right out of the shower, then dried straight, then curled (all done on stage by her fabulous stylist, Oscar.)

She talked about how when she first started out in this business, everyone was hush hush about their extensions, until her and Toni Braxton started talking about their hair weaves.

And she really emphasized the fact that extensions, weaves, and wigs are like hats… you need to take them off from time to time, and wear them to dress yourself up.

She said this, because she showed three girls on her show that were so self concious about their real hair that they had never shown it either ever, or since they were little. They hide under their extensions. She had the girls get styled and come out for a reveal, and they all looked fabulous. The theme? Dare to bare your real hair!!

Lets look at Tyra’s. (Taken from Perez… who was alos a guest star on the show!)



I love her natural hair curly like that… it looks fierce!


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