A Guy’s Point of View: Hair Extensions


With National Real Hair Day being this week on Tuesday, I decided to use this installment of “A Guy’s Point of View” as an opportunity to share what men, including myself, think about long, “fake” hair. We all learned in my last “Guy’s Point of View” Post that men prefer long hair over short… but does that include extensions and wigs?

As Lauren pointed out earlier this week, Tyra Banks kicked off the 5th season of her show by ditching her collection of extensions and wigs and went au natural throughout the entire show. Watching the show myself, I commended Tyra because she had used fake hair throughout her adult life due to modeling and hosting television shows “America’s Next Top Model” and “The Tyra Banks Show”.

My thought on hair extensions… they are part of the artificial things women do to make themselves look better. While they may make you feel more beautiful and confident, it is not the real you.

It’s simple: When women wear hair extensions, you want longer hair. When women wear heels, you want to be taller.

If you’re single and actively dating, you can get away with it in the dating world for a short amount of time, it will eventually catch up with you. The last thing you want is to get busy with a guy and he pulls out a track of your hair.

I asked some males on their opinions on fake hair, and their thoughts were very similar with mine. One said, “Like anything fake, in my mind, extensions, etc. look really good, but deep down I know they’re not real. And that diminishes them at least slightly.” Another friend took a more humorous approach when he said, “Anything past the shoulders just gets in the way.”

Let’s take a look and analyze come celebrities that have had real hair vs. extensions. First up is reality TV star Kristin Cavallari.
Looking at her real hair on the right, it is shorter than the extended hair on the left. But, there can be things done with the real hair. All she needs is some touching up near the roots to make it look one solid blonde color vs. the dirty blonde seen in the picture, and maybe a shape up and a good blowout. If she takes proper care of it while growing it out, it can look just as the picture on the left. Why did she get extensions? Well, sex sells. Kristin is the newest heartthrob on “The Hills”.

Next I must say something about Britney Spears. We all know she’s been through several train wrecks and is trying to get her life in order. We know she’s trying to grow her hair out after cutting everything off, but can someone either convince her to wear short hair or get better extensions? I know long, blonde hair is Britney’s image, but if she can pop out a few kids and still be a pop princess, surely she can transform her hair and do the same. The picture above makes her look like she is performing at a county fair without makeup instead of performing at the Palace of Auburn Hills, where she was earlier this week.

Unless you are an actress, model, or preparing for your senior, prom or wedding pictures, then you are granted an exemption because it’s only temporary.

If you are in it for the long run, spend some good, hard money on perfect, professional extensions. You don’t want Lauren to trash talk you on her blog if she sees you with a base of bad extensions!!


A Guy’s Point of View– Long hair VS Short hair

(In response to Lauren’s recent post, Long Hair: Is it the Ugly Truth?)

As someone that also seen The Ugly Truth, I have to agree with some of the things said in Lauren’s interviews with men. (By the way, As for my hair preferences, I like brunettes and red heads over blondes. I prefer someone with short to medium length hair. A hair length of around the shoulders or shorter is ideal for me.)

I’m right there with some of the quotes Lauren received such as “[Long hair] is often better kept. No stringy ends”. A woman with long hair who doesn’t keep it neat-looking ends up turning into an ugly looking mess with split ends! No one wants to date that!

A few months ago I came across a situation where I went out with a 27-year-old woman. (I’m 23.) She showed me some of her pictures from a while back and all but one of her pictures was of her with long hair before she had it cut to donate for charity. But what attracted me to her was the photo of her with short hair. She just seemed to look more confident and more like her age with the short hair. I honestly believe that if she kept her hair long, I probably would not have been as interested in her as I ended up.

Lauren posted pictures of Victoria Beckham earlier today. I must say I so like the darker solid-color angled bob over the longer, highlighted look.

I’m a guy who personally prefers one solid-hair color over someone with highlights. It tends to look more consistent, and if the highlights aren’t professionally done, or maintained, then you look messy.

One short hairstyle I cannot stand though is the Kate Gosselin style. (Shown below)

It looks absolutely hideous! The front looks like a 50-year-old man’s comb over and the back looks like someone stuck a porcupine behind her head. It’s so short in the back.

An example of someone who looks great with short hair is Michelle Obama.

The First Lady of The United States has been a trendsetter in the White House. I believe she is the most modern of recent presidential wives in terms of her fashion and appeal. Her hair style, as seen in the picture above, speaks of confidence and it shows. Her demeanor whenever she is on TV sends a message of how strong of a woman she is.

What hairstyle works for you depends on a few factors, such as the shape of your face. Someone with a slender face could get away with short hair versus someone with a round shaped face.

Women who don’t like to wear makeup everyday can get away with a long hairstyle because more hair can cover the face to make it appear smaller.

In my opinion, someone that is short is more likely to look good with a long hairstyle versus someone that is tall.

And it also depends on what looks good on you, and for that I recommend you visit Lauren, as she is good in giving advice on that looks that are best for you.

See you all next time! Please comment!

-Eddie Bellamy
A Guy’s Point of View.

New to Laurendoeshair.com

Laurendoeshair.com is debuting a new, fun guest blog!

Every month, my friend Eddie will be doing a post about hair, from a guy’s point of view. Eddie is not a hair expert, he’s just a guy that loves hockey, golf, and girls.


I met Eddie when we were both writing for our college newspaper, the Ferris State Torch (Go Bulldogs!) We have kept in touch for years since, and he is probably my biggest fan.

Eddie and I on my birthday
Eddie and I on my birthday

When he came to Studio 9 Salon to get his hair cut the other day, I asked him if he was interested in becoming a guest blogger and he was so excited!

Tonight, Eddie and I will be writing seperate articles on whether men prefer long hair or short hair on women, thanks to the subject displayed in the movie, “The Ugly Truth”.

In the movie, Katherine Heigl’s character is told by Gerard Butlers character to get hair extensions if she wants to get a man. Being that I have short hair, I was rather upset about this part of the movie.

I did my research, asking over 100 men and women what they think.

So stay tuned tonight– for the reveal!!