Nikki’s self portraits

My client Nikki is one of the most fun girls ever! She loves to change up her hair!

Best of all, she loves to take pictures when her hair is at her best, and she lets me use them to show off my work!

Nikki’s latest:
A darker blonde, and a lot of fun, chunky lowlights!

Nikki before:
Very bleachy blonde, yet dimensional. Still adorable!

My favorite of all:


Lindsey spiced things up!!

Lindsey came in the salon tonight as a referral. She wanted a change! She had looooong hair with loooong layers. A center part. A mousy brown color with old highlights.

Lindsey has amazing fair skin and piercing blue eyes. I wanted to bring that out!! We needed to enhance that skintone and make her eyes pop.

After quite a bit of of consulting, Lindsey said, “Do whatever you think would look good on me!”

Mwhahahahaa! This is the fun part!!

This was my vision:


Enter a gorgeous cinnamon shade and a few subtle highlights around the face.

Also, an inch cut off with some nice layering and a different part.

Voila! A whole new person!


Shelly’s final summer color

As summer comes to an end (seriously, its been about 60 degrees here!), so does summer color.

As of this moment, I am in the process of coloring my hair back to my trademark fall color. I had a great run as a blonde for 8 weeks, but I’m ready to go back!

A few weeks ago, I did Shelly’s fabulous highlights to go with her new shorter do. Shelly has been a blonde for as long as I’ve known her, but she said to me that she might want to change her hair up this fall, and have some fun!

Is this Shelly’s last hurrah as a blonde? We will find out in a few months!

In the meantime, lets show off her icy cool blonde.





KMS HairStay Review

When I walked into the salon this morning, I was told to try out a brand new product from KMS called Max Gel and Dry Xtreme Hairspray, the newest additions to the HairStay line.

The HairStay line keeps hair in place with a firm hold, yet it keeps it soft.

The natural ingredients are either pomegranate and pepper, or cranberry and pepper.

The line also includes a sculpting lotion, a stylign gel, a gel wax, a quick finish spray, a medium hold hairspray, and a maximum hold hairspray.

The Max Gel
The Max Gel

This is the Max Gel:A quick drying, shine gel that provides lasting hold with extreme setting abilities. It will not build up or flake. (From my KMS product guide)

I was impressed by the hold that it gave my hair. It spiked up the back of my hair perfectly, and the best part was that my ahir wasn’t too hard after– it was soft and touchable. The gel itself had a weird smell to it, though. I would much rather have nice smelling hard hair than soft, raunchy smelling hair.

The Dry Xtreme Hairspray
The Dry Xtreme Hairspray

This is the Dry Xtreme Hairspray:This ultra dry finishing spray provides intense shine with radical hold. (From my KMS product guide)

This hairspray was kind of fun. Similar to my firm hold lovers, Bed Head’s Hard Head and Joico’s ICE Blast, it literally froze my hair into place. But the best part was that my hair was not WET after. It was dry! However, my hands were very sticky, and the smell wasn’t appealing.

I would use this stuff for the good things I mentioned, such as the hold and the fact that my hair wasn’t hard and crunchy after, but with the smell and the stickyness, I would almost rather stick to my other favorites. I am a big believer in good smelling products!

However, I might change my mind through the rest of the day. Stay tuned! If it stays soft, yet firm, I might just have a new favorite. The smell might just be from applying it.

Stephanie: RED HOT!!

I love it when I get to play with color at the salon.

This past weekend, Stephanie, a new client, came in and said she wanted a change.

The color she came in with was a dark blonde, with some old highlights halfway down her head. Her green eyes told me they wanted to be seen.

Stephanie's old color
Stephanie's old color

We discussed dark brown hair, and I wasn’t fully satisfied. Then Stephanie said, “I used to have red back in college…” and that was it!!

So not only did she get a gorgeous shade of cinnamon red, but she got a few tiny tiny highlights of copper through her ends.

I also gave her medium length layers, and a side swept bang. Her cut was pretty plain before, with barely there layers and hair that layed there around her face.

Stephanie’s new look:


Stephanie uses a color shampoo (such as Joico’s Color Endure) to keep her red lasting longer.

Stephanie was very, very happy with her hair. What do you think?

Kelsey’s extensions

When I asked my sister what she wanted for her birthday, she said, “I just want long hair!” I laughed to myself and had the perfect idea: Hair extensions!

Kelsey’s hair was recently just chopped off to shoulder length. She hadbeen trying to grow her hair out for years, but her ends were completley dead and she knew what she had to do.

Once she cut it off, she loved how bouncy and shiny and healthy her hair looked, but she still longed for some rapunzel tresses.

I bought hair to match exactly– a dark brown with caramel highlights.

Look how great they look on her:




Kelsey uses a serum everyday (like Kenra’s silkening gloss) to keep the extensions extra shiny, and also often washes her hair with dry shampoo (like Rockaholic’s Dirty Little Secret) to keep the extensions in even longer.