A Gossip Girl Party

The hot stars of Gossip Girl at the launch of Anna Sui’s Gossip Girl-inspired collection at the Target pop-up store last night in New York City. (Which, by the way, I am so excited about!)

The yummy hair award goes to Miss Michelle Trachtenberg, who is rockin a very rich dark auburn shade. Her hair, which is thick with a bit of wave, is believed to be extension-free.


Taylor Momsen made another gross extension appearance. I want my old Taylor back!!!


…and Blake Lively still looks the same. She has always looked the same. I’m sick of the long, golden blonde hair. Be daring, Blake!! What would Serena do?!?! Go blonder, go darker, get lowlights… something!!!


…and where the heck was Leighton Meester??!!


Shhh… a celebrity secret!!

Most of the world right now is pissed off at Lindsay Lohan, becuase she colored her hair back to a beautiful, rich natural red… and then messed it all up and went BACK to bleach blonde.

red to blonde? Not so easy!
red to blonde? Not so easy!

…Which isn’t a horrible color, it just looks like crap on her.

We all know its “for a movie role”, but what you didn’t know was that only her front pieces of hair were lightened to blonde!! Tricky, tricky!

Going from red to blonde is very, very, very hard. It takes way more than 2-3 processes, if that. (Trust me, I know from experience!!)

The trick? Extensions, of course. (The word of the week!!!)

Only Lindsay’s front pieces were bleached. The rest of her hair was most likely lightened and toned to eliminate red, but never bleached. The front pieces were heavily highlighted, and the rest of the blonde is via extensions.

All over blonde is a huge no-no for a redhead. When I did this crazy step, I was stripped and bleached twice, and lost a ton of hair. (Pixie, anyone?) It has to be done in steps, and treated everytime.

Haircolor does a lot, but it sure does have it’s limits.

SATC2 welcomes back the 80’s.

As most of you know, Sex and the City 2 is currently being filmed all over The Big Apple… and we hear there’s a “BIG” baby issue… and it’s not Carrie’s problem! (Check out Perez for the deets…)

It looks like there is a fun scene straight from the 1980’s!! Maybe when the ladies met…?

Check out the hilarious photos below… Memory Lane for anyone? (I was born in ’85… so not me!)

Carrie and Charlotte
Carrie and Charlotte
Samantha... whoa!!!
Samantha... whoa!!!
Miranda has apparently always had short hair
Miranda has apparently always had short hair

Taylor and Mischa’s extensions hang out together


My favorite teen fashion icon, Taylor Momsen, was caught posing with none other than trainwreck Mischa Barton on Tuesday night.

Apparently, Tyra’s National Real Hair Day caught Tyra’s attention only because celebs everywhere are showing up with extensions galore.

Taylor and Mischa attended a cocktail party for designer Kris Van Assche, hosted by GQ & Dior Homme, in New York on Tuesday night.

Mischa looks good, which I’m glad to see, and although I cant prove it, her hair is totally fake. On the O.C, her hair was very fine, and there is no way it got that thick and luxurious in the past few years, especially with all the “trouble” she’s been in. She’s also known for having Lindsay Lohan-esque extensions in the past.

Taylor, oh Taylor… the messy stringy look is oh so chic with your short rocker hair, but with your extensions, girl… it’s not workin. Good try, though.

PS… Taylor is only 16. And Mischa is a mess. I hope Taylor doesn’t turn into a trainwreck one day!!

Tyra’s Real Hair

So Tuesday, September 8th was National Real Hair Day, as I’m sure you all are pretty sick of reading about…

Tyra debuted her hair, first soaking wet, right out of the shower, then dried straight, then curled (all done on stage by her fabulous stylist, Oscar.)

She talked about how when she first started out in this business, everyone was hush hush about their extensions, until her and Toni Braxton started talking about their hair weaves.

And she really emphasized the fact that extensions, weaves, and wigs are like hats… you need to take them off from time to time, and wear them to dress yourself up.

She said this, because she showed three girls on her show that were so self concious about their real hair that they had never shown it either ever, or since they were little. They hide under their extensions. She had the girls get styled and come out for a reveal, and they all looked fabulous. The theme? Dare to bare your real hair!!

Lets look at Tyra’s. (Taken from Perez… who was alos a guest star on the show!)



I love her natural hair curly like that… it looks fierce!

Britney didn’t get the memo.

Me, and Britney... haha!
Me, and Britney... haha!

Yesterday, I went to Britney’s Circus Tour!!

I’ve been a Britney Fan since “…Baby One More Time” days, and I’ve been to all but one concert of her’s.

I know she’s back from the grave she dug herself a few years ago… and I’m very happy about it, but this was not her best show.

ANYWAYS, Britney totally didn’t get the memo about National Real Hair Day because her hair looked nastyyyy. I know the poor girl is still growing out her hair after her head shaving incident, but can’t somebody do something better about her hair? If Britney can’t do a concert with short hair (which she used to– back in the “Oops” days!), then somebody please do something to that stringy mess. (Love you, Brit!)



Lindsay Lohan’s mess of extensions

Lindsay Lohan is a major repeat offender in the “bad extensions” category!

I just don’t understand how celebrities can have so much money, power and fame, but cannot seem to get good extensions?? If I was their stylist, I would make sure to have them look as real as possible!

Here is, by far, the worst Lindsay hair I have ever seen. I have broken it down for you.

Lindsay's extensions... very bad ones.
Lindsay's extensions... very bad ones.


In the above photo, you will notice that I circled the top of her head, or her “real hair”. It’s a faded auburn shade. You can still see some of her real haircircled below. A lonley shorter than the rest auburn strand. Is that supposed to be a “lowlight”? NO! It’s supposed to be hidden, I suppose. You will also notice the entire color change from her real hair to her extensions. Blonde? Really? If it was blonde and auburn, it might work well. But this, my friends, is just a HOT MESS.

More Lindsay mistakes: (theres a ton, but frankly, I only have time for a few!)

look around her neck. That's real. Hide it!
look around her neck. That's real. Hide it!
again, you can totally see her real hair. Blend it in!
again, you can totally see her real hair. Blend it in!

If you want to hide your real hair, your best bet is to wear them with a curl. You can curl real and fake together, almost as if you are bonding them with heat and hairspray. Lindsay did that here: